How to make sure you get safe sex

What will happen to your life if you get very ill because of a disease? We fear bacterial infection and wash our hands to keep them clean. Our fears about getting an infection are not based on paranoia. It is a fact that viruses and bacteria can do us harm. Illness and diseases do spread, and we can get more than sexually-related health concerns from another person. 


The common cold

There was this stalker who went as close as possible to a woman while she was shopping. The place had lots of tables filled with rummage items. Whatever table she went to, he was there, also looking through the sale items that were piled high. 

This creepy man kept on coughing. As he stalked the lady, he hacks out a cough, probably, to get her attention. He never even bothered to cover his mouth. After moving to a few different tables, the woman noticed she was being stalked by that man who might have wanted to go sex dating. She told him to stop going near her because he had a bad cough and she might get sick!

People with a hacking cough and a bad cold should be responsible enough not to spread the virus. The same applies to those who have any illness or disease that can contaminate others. If the person has a sexually transmitted disease (STD), then they should get treatment. They should not have sex with other people, as they are not yet well.

Having safe sex

To have sex with someone entails some kind of responsibility. We have to protect ourselves and keep others safe. We must not have sex if we might make someone sick because what we have is highly contagious. There are safe sex practices. A man makes sure that he has protection by wearing a condom. However, if his sex mate has a bad cough, he is still at risk of catching the cold virus.


Sex is better when everyone is clean. Though we might have dirty minds, no one wants to get ill. We would all like to be able to jump into bed with someone new without any fear of contracting an STD. Realistically, that cannot happen.

When was the last time you took an STD test? 

If you go sex matching on apps and dating frequently with different partners, it’s a good idea to get a checkup regularly and take an STD test. Some STDs do not manifest itself right away, and when a licensed physician provides you with the proper treatment in time, it will prevent the problem from becoming full-blown. No one is immune to contracting an STD.

Take the proper steps

As viruses do spread, the fear has to make us take the proper steps in being safe. You don’t want to miss out on staying healthy just because your hookup infected you with an STD. If you used adult dating apps to find hookups, be responsible enough to make sure you are clean and that your potential partner is clean, too.